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Florida Theater On Stage
Great Review Of “The Recommendation”

“The Recommendation Satisfies In Its Subtleties At Ground Up”

“Miami’s Ground Up & Rising production of Jonathan Caren’s The Recommendation is compelling on so many levels.”

“While it would be easy to fall into the cliché of saying Ground Up’s production should be highly recommended, there’s more to this The Recommendation than that. This is not only a show that should be sought out, but also a theater company worth recognizing. With The Recommendation, they’ve taken on a challenging script, added their own artistic touch, and created a winner.”

“Add to this director/producer Arturo Rossi’s vision; he not only digs deep into Caren’s message, but adds his own layer of intrigue through his directing, which brings out the best in a cast that is less than seasoned and then goes a step further by peppering the play with subtleties to make it all the more edgy. What may be overlooked, but shouldn’t be by theatergoers, is Rossi’s sound design — a soundtrack that heightens the tenseness of the atmosphere. (As an aside, I would have loved to have been able to download Rossi’s The Recommendation soundtrack or see it for sale at the back of the house. A fundraising mechanism for the scrappy company perhaps?)”

-Florida Theater On Stage Review Of “The Recommendation”

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